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Armed Forces Raid Home Of Acting President Of Burma’s Interim Govt

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In the evening, armed forces stormed the house of Duwa Lashi La, the acting president of the interim National Unity Government, in Lashio in northern Shan State.

Duwa Lashila speech oline on 7 September 2021
Duwa Lashila speech oline on 7 September 2021

The incident occurred on the same day that Duwa Lashi called for national resistance against the military regime across the country in a video address posted on Facebook.

According to a local, the forces climbed over a fence to enter the property because no one let them in after they arrived with five military vehicles at around 11pm on September 7.

“I saw police and soldiers questioning someone from the house, but I’m not sure if they arrested anyone,” another witness told SHAN. He said the village headman arrived with the forces at Duwa Lashi La’s house and they spoke to two people who stayed there. ”I thought the armed forces were taking them to city hall, but I’m not sure what actually happened because I could not see clearly.”

Some think that Duwa Lashi La’s relatives are taking care of his house.

A neighbour said he wasn’t sure if anyone was actually staying there. He said police in plain clothes had been watching the property. “Recently, I saw strangers walking around Duwa Lashi La’s house. I’ve never seen these people in our ward before.”

A friend of Duwa Lashi said the windows and doors were sealed so no one knew if there was anyone living in his house.

“I’ve seen Duwa Lashi La many times in his home (while walking by). We used to meet up in Lashio. After the February 1 coup, we never saw each other again,” he told SHAN.

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