Displaced Villagers in Hsipaw Short Of Medicine


Over a thousand civilians who sought shelter in Hsipaw from fighting between multiple ethnic armed organizations (EAOs) in northern Shan State require emergency medicine.

Hsipaw War Victims
Hsipaw War Victims

They still have sufficient food, a woman who is helping them told SHAN, but “because of weather changes some children have a cough and are sneezing, and need medicine.”

The aid worker said there are 1,036 villagers in Hsipaw displaced from the fighting. They started arriving in the town, which was once a popular tourist destination, on April 6.

Meanwhile, fighting continues between Restoration Council of Shan State and combined forces: Shan State Progress Party and Ta’ang National Liberation Army, preventing villagers from returning to their homes.

On April 18, EAOs fought in Mang Li village, located in Namlan sub-township. At least three homes burned to the ground in Manli village, Namtu Township, during violence on April 6.

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