Protesters Undeterred By Midnight Arrests


The military regime detained about 15 people for protesting in Burma’s eastern Shan State since the coup happened on February 1.

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Photo Credit to Ko Ko Thura – Monghsu Villagers come to collect at Monghsu hospital , to protect their healthcare after police try to arrest

“They arrest people in the middle of the night after the Internet is cut off,” explained a resident of Kengtung who requested anonymity.

All of the protesters nabbed by security forces are being held in the Kengtung Prison, the source told SHAN. They are charged with violating Article 25 of the Natural Disaster Management Law, which is intended to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus but it’s being used to criminalize dissent against the military regime.

The arrests in the middle of the night haven’t seemed to deter protesters in Kengtung. Demonstrations against the military government are still happening everyday. Protesters are demanding for the release of everyone who’s been detained.

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