Hundreds Flee Fighting In Northern Shan State 


The Burma Army pounded rebel positions in northern Shan State with heavy weapons, according to a Ta’ang major.

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Photo credit : Mang Hkok villager

Maj Tar Aik Kyaw, in charge of Ta’ang National Liberation Army’s (TNLA) information department, said the Burma Army attacked them with artillery, and flew a combat helicopter over their position and Ta’ang villages in Kyaukme and Namhsan townships yesterday.

“The Army (aka Tatmadaw) indiscriminately fired artillery. People were really scared and fled from their homes,” he said. 

Panicked civilians from Hkon Nguen in Kyaukme township fled when artillery shells landed in their village in the morning. 

About 800 sought shelter in Pang Ning, Kyauk Phyulay and Mang Hkok, said Aban from Ohn Ta Mao social volunteer team.

In the afternoon, a low-flying military helicopter damaged the walls and roofs of several bamboo homes in Mang Hkok causing residents of the village in Namhsan township to flee, Tar Aik Kyaw said.

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Photo credit : Mang Hkok villager

Ohn Ta Mao told SHAN it’s difficult to reach the displaced villagers desperately in need of shelter and food. “We’re afraid to go there because clashes are still happening.” 

Miraculously, no-one was hurt from the shells that landed in Hkon Nguen.

At least five civilians have been killed and thirty injured by clashes between armed groups and the Tatmadaw in northern Shan State since October.

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