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Police Make Multimillion Dollar ‘Ice’ Bust in Shan State Border Town

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Police seized 10 billion kyat (more than US$6.5 million) worth of the methamphetamine ‘ice’ in Tachileik, eastern Shan State this week. 

‘Ice’ Bust in Shan State
Photo by မူးယစ်ရဲတပ်ဖွဲ့

According to police reports, officers took the drugs from a car driven by 45-year-old Aik Won at the entrance to Wan Pon village in Murng Hpong village tract in Tachileik Township on Wednesday morning. 

The driver reportedly tried to flee when police attempted to stop his car, but he hit the concrete entrance sign to the village and the car stopped. When the police arrived soon after, they said they discovered 500 kilograms of ice in the vehicle. 

Aik Won is in detention at the Wan Pon police station. 

“We seized ice in Wan Pon. In addition, police forces seized 2,659 kilograms of caffeine powder on the Kenglat-Tarlay road in Tachileik township between September 5 and September 8,” a police officer said. 

The seizures of caffeine powder occurred in three separate busts. The powder is an ingredient in methamphetamine pills. 

“They are charged with violating the narcotics and illicit drugs law,” the officer said of those arrested with caffeine powder. “Police have been trying to discover links to other drug traffickers,” he added. 

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