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Migrant Worker Hospitalized in Muse After Police ‘Beat and Kicked’ Him

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The Hsenwi local says he is having hearing and vision problems following the assault at the Burma-China border gate. 

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A 30-year-old man has been hospitalized after he said he was arrested and assaulted by a group of police officers on patrol on the Burma-China border in Muse, Shan State.

Sai Htun, who lives in Hsenwi Township but works in China, was at the border gate when the incident occurred at around 8:30 p.m. on June 23.

“[The police] said that I had not queued up for a place. Actually, I had already queued up there. I just went to pick up a brother,” Sai Htun told SHAN. “People who were standing in line didn’t say anything to me because they knew I had queued up there. But, police tried to take away my motorbike and handcuff me. I didn’t accept it because I wasn’t guilty. They were really angry with me. After that, they dragged me into the police station. Then they beat and kicked me,” he explained.

Sai Htun said he had lost his hearing in one ear and that he was having blurry vision in one of his eyes. Parliamentarians from Muse are currently assisting him in communicating with the police.

State MP for Muse Sai Kyaw Win told SHAN that Muse’s police commander had said that his officers were in the wrong and that the police would cover Sai Htun’s medical costs.

“A civilian has been beaten—it should not be like this… We want to see justice for him,” Sai Kyaw Win said.

Sai Htun said that the assault may have occurred because of a receipt that he had in his pocket, which caused the police to question him.

“They thought I was working for some organization. But I actually received this receipt from a clothing shop,” he said.

SHAN repeatedly called the Muse police station for comment but received no answer.

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