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UK Embassy Officials Meet Shan State Peace Monitors

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The meeting was aimed at assessing the current situation on the ground and challenges faced by peace monitors.

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Officials from the British embassy in Yangon met with representatives of local- and state-level joint monitoring committees in Taunggyi last Thursday to assess the current conflict situation in Shan State.

The meeting between the British officials and representatives of the state-level (JMC-S) and local-level (JMC-L) joint monitoring committees was held at the Kawng Lun Hotel in Taunggyi from 10am to 12pm on June 6.

“They inquired about facts and documents related to the situation in Shan State since the NCA [Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement] went into force,” said Sai Kyaw Hla, a JMC-L representative who spoke to SHAN after the meeting.

“They wanted to know what the JMC-Ls have done so far and what challenges they are facing. What I hear is that they are planning to provide assistance to move the JMC process forward,” he added.

The meeting was attended by Aung Soe Moe, the vice-chairman of the Shan State JMC-S, and other members and staff of the state-level committee, including Win Tin, Khun Kyaw Swe and Nang Khin San Yu; Sai Kyaw Hla and Nang Lae Lae Aye of the JMC-L (Langkhur); and four embassy officials, including its security-sector advisor, Edward Bell.

“Our task is to try to explain the peace process and related issues to local people on the ground level. Regarding the peace process, we are training local people. Currently, we are doing training in Namsan town, and next week we will do more training in Taunggyi. These are our jobs,” said Sai Kyaw Hla.

Jasveen Kakaria, the program manager for the UK government’s Conflict, Stability and Security Fund, and other British officials met representatives of the Karen State JMC-S and JMC-L in Hpa-an last Friday to inquire about the situation there since the signing of the NCA.

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