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Shan Literature and Culture Association Supports 15 Children to Stay in School

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The Langkhur chapter of the organization seeks donations to build housing for the students.

Photo Credit to Kaw Lik Laai – Langkho

The Shan Literature and Culture Association (SLCA) in Langkhur Township is providing assistance to vulnerable children who need help in order to stay in school.

The organization will support 15 students between grades five and 10 from remote areas in the township and whose parents have either passed away or cannot afford to pay for them to continue their education.

“We are going to provide food and a place for these children to continue their studies,” Sai Aung Khin, chairperson of the SLCA in Langkhur, told SHAN. “With the help of the village we are constructing an apartment in the compound of the Shan Literature and Culture Association in Langkhur town… We are trying our best to complete the construction because school is going to open soon,” he explained, adding that funding and manpower were still needed to finish the project.

Langkhur SLCA secretary Sai Lao Hom said that donations “from near and far” would be “welcomed.”

The local SLCA provided assistance to eight students last year, with the children staying in the house of the secretary of the organization so that they could attend school.

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