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Farmer Killed By Landmine

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“There are many landmines that have been left behind and I’d like those that are responsible to remove them,” a villager said.

Long Sarng Kyan the Farmer
Photo by Mong Mu Youth- / Long Sarng Kyan the Farmer

A farmer that stepped on a landmine died on the way to a hospital in northern Shan State.

Long Sarng Kyan, age 50, was travelling to his paddy field when he walked on the landmine in Mansan village tract, in Namtu township.

“After the landmine explosion, Nong Sam Hom Social Association transferred him to Lashio but unfortunately he died near Nar Kay village,” said Nang Ying, from Mongmu Social team.

Long Sarng Kyan’s body was brought to Mongmu where he was cremated the same day.

In March, there was heavy fighting between the Restoration Council of Shan State/Shan State Army and Northern Alliance on the hill where the landmine went off, locals say. During clashes, different groups controlled the area making it difficult to determine whose responsible for planting the bomb.

Pa Nang, from Mansan in Namtu township, told SHAN that fighting between the armed groups has been breaking out for the last year.

“It’s not safe for us in our farms. There are so many landmines that have been left behind and I’d like those responsible to remove them.”

Lon San Jiang was born in Lashio. After marrying, he moved to Mongmu.

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