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Militia Member Apologizes for Beating Civilian in Northern Shan State

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Teenager who belongs to a PMF signs a statement in front of elders saying he won’t abuse civilians, use drugs, or drive wrecklessly.

Militia Member
Photo Credit to – Tung Huay Li

A teenaged member of the Namkham Myoma People’s Militia Force (PMF) has apologized publicly after handcuffing and beating a civilian in Shan State’s Muse Township.

Nineteen-year-old Maung Yan Naing Min beat local man Sai Kuam Pan in Muse’s Mang Weing ward at 7:30 a.m. on May 11 while he was handcuffed. On Monday, he apologized in front of the town’s elders and signed a commitment stating that he would not insult, beat or torture civilians, use drugs, or drive wrecklessly.

“I won’t do it again. I confess I that I did something wrong yesterday. I apologize to him,” Maung Yan Naing Min said in front of witnesses. “Thank you to the ward administrator for excusing me Thank you everyone,” he added.


The case was then dropped.


Sai Kuam Pan said that militia leaders must have better control over their soldiers and forbid them from beating or threatening civilians.

“Militias must not bully civilians. The task of a people’s militia is to protect people. I am so upset about this incident—it is shameful,” he said.

Maung Yan Naing Min is from Pakkoku District in Magwe Region. He has been serving in

the Namkham Myoma PMF for a year and a half.

According to locals, there are many militias active in the Muse area and it is not uncommon for their members to abuse people.

“Militias beat civilians. Militias threaten civilians. Then both sides drop the case. I don’t like it. I want a person who commits a crime to be punished. If there is no punishment, they will keep doing it,” Muse resident Sai Aung told SHAN.

A militia member beat a local last year after an argument, and later apologized in the presence of local authorities and pledged not to repeat the incident.

Fully uniformed and armed militiamen have increasingly been seen in public areas in downtown Muse, leading locals to call on authorities to curb their presence in the town.

Some of the government-allied PMFs with a presence in Muse include Pangsay, Myoma, Walai, Kawng Khar, Mongpaw, Seinkyawt.

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