Shan National Day Commemorated For First Time in Kachin State


‘Many people are afraid to participate in the celebration. We tried very hard to make it happen,’ an organizer said.

72th SHAN
Photo by – Kachin people

Shan National Day will be celebrated in Kachin State for the first time on Thursday in Mohnyin Township, according to organizers of the event.

Commemorations of the 72nd anniversary of the day are being held at Pannya Linkara Zawti monastery, organized by locals from Mohnyin and Mogaung townships.

“This is the first time we are celebrating Shan National Day. Our ethnic Shan people came to participate in the celebration. Actually, I didn’t think many people would join us, but many people came,” Sai Maung Htwe, an event organizer, told SHAN of the preliminary proceedings which started on Tuesday.

Sai Maung Htwe added that the agenda includes guest speakers on Shan affairs.

72th shan
Photo by – Kachin People

“Many people are afraid to participate in the celebration. We tried very hard to make it happen,” he added, saying that funding was a challenge.

According to organizers, ministers including the Kachin State chief minister, as well as respective authorities and militia leaders were invited to attend the celebration.

“We will talk about the history of Shan National Day, the history of the Shan people as well as unity among Shan ethnic tribes,” Sai Maung Htwe said.

In 1947, at the Panglong Conference held from February 6-12, the yellow, green, red, and white Shan flag was decided upon, as well as the Shan anthem, “Khur Tai Razar.” Shan National Day is commemorated at this time annually.

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