Northern Alliance, RCSS Clashes Displace Hundreds in Hsipaw


Villagers continue to arrive at a local monastery, seeking refuge from the fighting.

Photo by Sipaw Youth/
Photo by Sipaw Youth/

Battles between members of the Northern Alliance of ethnic armed groups and the Restoration Council of Shan State/Shan State Army (RCSS/SSA) displaced more than 600 villagers on Friday in northern Shan State’s Hsipaw Township.

The fighting took place near Ner Makhaw village tract, with the locals now seeking refuge in the area’s monastery, said state MP Sai Kham Awng, who represents Hsipaw. He told SHAN that the battles lasted from morning until mid-day on November 2.

Hsipaw youth Sai Leng said that the displaced came from three communities in the area.

“They are villagers from Wan Nai Lon, Wan Tar Lon and Wan Ho Ner. According to villagers, clashes occurred one mile from Wan Nai Lon village. As of now, villagers are still coming to the monastery,” he explained, adding that there were three outbursts of fighting in total, near another village—Wan Hom.

Photo by Sipaw Youth/
Photo by Sipaw Youth/

“Some Wan Hom villagers could not leave their village because clashes were taking place nearby. There are two vehicles ready at the monastery to pick up them if they can leave,” Sai Leng said.

He also said that it appeared both the Northern Alliance groups and the RCSS/SSA had sent troop reinforcements to the area. They have clashed recently in northern Shan State’s Namtu and Lashio townships as well, displacing more than 2,000 people.

The Northern Alliance has four member groups: the Arakan Army, the Kachin Independence Army, the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army, and the Ta’ang National Liberation Army.

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