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One Child Killed, Four Injured in Kesi Bomb Explosion

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‘The area where the bomb exploded is under the control of the Burma Army,’ said a local MP.

Photo by – SNLD Kesi/
Photo by – SNLD Kesi/

One child was killed and four more were hurt after playing with a bomb abandoned by the Burma Army in Kesi Township, central Shan State, last week.

The accident occurred on the afternoon of October 26 in Ngulame village. According to Kesi’s Shan Nationalities League for Democracy parliamentarian Sai San Meung, the child killed was a 12-year-old girl named Nang Sheng Zeng.

Nang Sheng Zeng’s funeral was held the same day of her death. Three of the injured survivors have since been hospitalized at Kesi public hospital, Sai San Meung said, and one at Aung Pan hospital.

“One student got serious injuries on the right side of his body,” Sai San Meung told SHAN, referring to 10-year-old Sai Hlaing Noon, who lost his right hand, leg and eye and is also suffering from a fractured hip.

Photo by – SNLD Kesi/
Photo by – SNLD Kesi/

Nang Oum Sheng Seng, age 10, Nang Hpoung Nyo, age 7, and Sai Ba Maung, age 8, endured minor injuries.

Locals said that the bomb was likely a remnant from an offensive by government forces against the Shan State Progress Party/Shan State Army (SSPP/SSA) in the area four years ago.

“The bomb blasted in Ngulame, not far from Tar Hpar Song, where the Burma Army and SSPP/SSA clashed in 2014. The Burma Army is stationed in the area. The Burma Army has the responsibility of removing unexploded bombs and landmines, and to educate people about landmine awareness,” Sai San Meung explained. “The area where the bomb exploded is under the control of the Burma Army,” he added.

After decades of fighting, Shan State has many unexploded bombs, and saw the largest number of landmine victims in Burma according to a 2017 report from the International Campaign to Ban Landmines. Locals have asked armed groups to refrain from using landmines, particularly around public transportation routes.

Donations in honor of Nang Sheng Zeng can be made to monks on November 1.

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