SSPP Advocates for Release of Namkham Woman Held by TNLA


Delegations from the SSPP/SSA and the TNLA meet to discuss the ongoing detention of Nang Mo Hom.

Nang Mo Hom
Nang Mo Hom

A delegation from the Shan State Progress Party/Shan State Army (SSPP/SSA) met with members of the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) last week to discuss the TNLA’s detention of a Shan woman in Namkham Township.

Nang Mo Hom was arrested on August 17 and has been held in TNLA custody ever since; the Namkham Youth Network has called for her release and locals have called on the SSPP/SSA—a TNLA ally—to negotiate on her behalf.

On Friday, five SSPP/SSA delegates led by Sao Naw Lek and a TNLA delegation led by Tar Aik Moung and Tar Pan La met to discuss the issue, an SSPP/SSA major told SHAN.

“This action has created a bad image for both the Shan and Ta’ang armies. That’s why we demanded the immediate release of Nang Mo Hom,” Maj Sai Sai said.

He explained that in the meeting, the TNLA representatives made it clear that they want Nang Mo Hom to “take responsibility” for her alleged role in the loss of a TNLA soldier last year. The incident, Maj Sai Sai said, refers to July 2017, when two Ta’ang soldiers reportedly collected 1,100,000 kyats (US$716) in “tax” from Nang Mo Hom, who owns a small shop. Soon after leaving her house, the soldiers were ambushed by Burma Army troops—one was arrested and another killed.

While no formal statement about the reasons for her arrest has been made by the TNLA, Nang Mo Hom has reportedly been accused of informing the Burmese military of the Ta’ang soldiers’ whereabouts, a charge which her family and the SSPP/SSA deny.

In a previous interview with SHAN, Nang Mo Hom’s husband insisted on his wife’s innocence.

“Our family doesn’t have any problem with any organization. We are so far from politics and war issues. We have kids in school. I would like to request the immediate release of my wife,” he said.

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