Commentary on “A new beginning”


        No doubt, the new President U Win Myint will be quite different from the previous one who is contended to stay in the background and carry out ceremonial jobs.


        His three basic outline of rule of law, national reconciliation, and constitutional amendment that he vowed to tackle to the best of his knowledge and ability is indeed encouraging.


His mentioning to respect the media, building awareness of the public to be in tune with the democratic norms, the need to tackle corruption, restructuring of the ministries to be more effective, and handling narcotics problems are also long overdue issues that he said would be tackled.


        We could only wish him success in all his undertakings and hope that he will be able to end the ongoing war in ethnic states and instill peaceful atmosphere and amend the constitution to be in line with the people’s aspirations, so that reconciliation and development could follow in our deeply divided society.


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