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Commentary on UNFC to Meet Govt in Naypyidaw on Saturday

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sai wan sai (2)In the wake of Arakan conflict, where possible foreign elements might be involved or not involved, tension and hatred are high. Thus, the Burma Army heightened escalation of armed engagement against the ethnic resistance armed organizations in Kachin, Shan and Karen states dominating news have somewhat become a backburner. But the armed conflict goes on and continues to erode the ongoing peace process.

For the UNFC, while it is correct to be still involve in the negotiation process, it has to also draw a line and consolidate its political positions.

As Nai Han Tha spelled out, the UNFC would need to strive for a tripartite dialogue or equitable participation, all-inclusiveness of all armed groups and most of all, the unilateral or bilateral nationwide ceasefire has to be in place. And to do this, the Burma Army must be accommodating and not just looking at a short term territorial gain and clean itself from “self-employed national savior or protector.”

The Burma Army insistence that protection of the country’s “sovereignty” and “national unity” to be its sole responsibility is a twisted logic. Because if the ethnic resistance groups would agree with the Burma Army notion, they won’t have to fight for a shared-sovereignty, which in the first place is all about going to war to realize their political conviction and aspirations that they consider to have a fair say and cut, which have been robbed by the Burma Army from them.

As for the national unity, the ethnic nationalities think that they are still in the making, perhaps through this ongoing peace process, as there is still no agreed common national identity as yet.

If said two conditions of unilateral or bilateral ceasefire and Burma Army cleans itself from self-employed national savior rhetoric are met, the peace process could at least go ahead. Otherwise, the talking and fighting vicious circle will only continue, at the expense of the continued people’s sufferings. It is as simple as that.

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