Day after election, Burma Army soldiers allegedly rob two civilians in Shan State


Burma Army soldiers allegedly robbed two civilians on a roadside in Kesi Township yesterday, according to a representative from the Shan Nationalities League for Democracy (SNLD).

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Sai Hark Khur, a member of the SNLD leadership in Kesi Township, told SHAN that the two local men were robbed after returning from a market at around noon near Wiang Gao village tract in Kesi’s Mong Nong sub-township.

“They were coming from Mong Hsu Township, where they were selling their cows and buffalos,” said Sai Hark Khur. The soldiers allegedly stopped the men’s car and instructed them at gunpoint to move away from their vehicle; Sai Lu, one of the victims, said that the soldiers were armed.

The soldiers then searched the vehicle; when Sai Lu and his friend—who wished to remain anonymous—returned to the car and were given permission to leave, they allegedly noticed that 3,000,000 kyats (over $2,300 USD) were missing.

Sai Lu reported the theft to community leaders, and together they went to the local military base to report the crime there. But the authorities refuted the allegations.

“Their commander said they didn’t have those two soldiers in the base,” said a community member, who also wished to remain anonymous.

The case was then reported to the SNLD office in Mong Nong. At the time of reporting, they were still searching for the alleged perpetrators.

One day earlier, Burma held its first general election in 25 years. SHAN also reported that on the same day, Burma Army soldiers shot two civilians in Kesi Township. The victims are now being treated at a local hospital in Taunggyi District.

By SAI AW / Shan Herald Agency for News (S.H.A.N)

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