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Woman raped and killed in Laikha township

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A 22 year-old woman was raped and murdered by unidentified men in Laikha township, southern Shan State, a local source has reported.


The victim, Nang Kham Sue
The victim, Nang Kham Sue

The victim, Nang Kham Sue, was found dead near a stream on May 3 afternoon, about a mile from Jalai Khum village, Wan Ti tract, Laikha township, an area where the Karling Htoy People’s Militia is active.


“It was about 2 pm when Nang Kham Sue came back from her work. She then went to fetch water at the stream to prepare dinner for her parents. At about 3 pm villagers found her dead body at that stream,” said Nang Jing, a resident in WanTi.


The case is being investigated by the Karling Htoy militia, she added.


A militia member said: “Nang Kham Sue was robbed and raped before being killed. Her necklace had disappeared. But we have not been able to identify who the murderer was. We are still investigating the case.”


All fifty-six men in Jalai Khum village have been investigated by the Karling Htoy militia group. They took off the men’s clothes to look for evidence, believing that whoever murdered Nang Kham Sue would have scratch marks on their body. According to a source close to the militia group, they will continue searching until they find the murderer.

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