Police Arrest Youth Activist in Tea Shop in Muse


Police in plainclothes arrested a youth in a tea shop in a border town in northern Shan State.

Muse Youth
Arrested Muse Youth

According to an eye witness, on April 17, fifteen officers arrested Ko Hein Win Oo. Police arrived in five vehicles at around 9:30am and “violently dragged” the 22-year-old youth from May Oo tea shop in Muse, the source told SHAN.

Ko Hein Win Oo is a youth activist who joined the protest movement to bring down the military regime. Police have not informed his parents about his arrest. The source said the officers took him to the police station in a vehicle with license plate numbers 7J – 7316.

Since the Civil Disobedience Movement started, armed forces killed at least two protesters in Muse and arrested at least 30 people.

Amid a brutal crackdown, protesters have adopted different ways to demonstrate against the military regime. For example, they organize demonstrations at night to avoid detection, protests on motorbikes, flash mobs and quickly paint political messages around the border town.

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