Storm Hits Southern Shan State, Destroys Homes and School


A hailstorm pounded residences and public buildings in southern Shan State’s Namzang Township this weekend, according to local sources.

Strom hits at Numsang Photo Credit to Numsang Youth
Strom hits at Numsang Photo Credit to Numsang Youth

More than 30 homes were damaged or destroyed in the May 2 phenomenon, which involved heavy winds and ice. Also destroyed were residences and a school at the Myoset Thit Parahita Monastery, according to a member.

“The storm destroyed the school and buildings with its strong winds and ice pellets,” Mai Aung Sun, of the monastery, said. “People are going to have financial trouble recovering their homes.”

The monastery—whose name translates to New Generation—serves as a boarding school for more than 150 children from Kesi, Panglong, Laikha, Mong Hsu, Kunhing, Karli, Kengtung, Tachileik, Mong Pan and Namzang.

Children had already returned to their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic, as the school has been closed.

Translated by Sai Seng Harn.

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