EAOs: Burma Army Establishes New Military Camps During Unilateral Ceasefire


Tatmadaw presence is expanding in southern and northern Shan State and in Karenni State, sources say.

Burmar Military
Photo Credit to KNG

Ethnic armed organizations (EAOs) say that the Burma Army has been expanding its military presence in Shan and Karenni states since its declaration of a four-month unilateral ceasefire in December of last year.

The Tatmadaw announced a four-month ceasefire on December 21, saying it would halt military operations in the regions of its eastern, central eastern, triangle, northeast and northern commands. Yet two months in, they have reportedly built new military camps in some of these areas.

“According to our field reports, they have established new camps in Sa Ning mountain range in the Loilem-Panglong area, Loi Pangpi in Mongpan Township, Mongpyin Township and at the Salween river dock area in Mawpha Township within one to two months,” an officer from the Restoration Council of Shan State/Shan State Army told SHAN.

Kantarawaddy Times reported that the Burma Army had constructed camps in multiple townships in Karenni State.

The information department of the Ta’ang National Liberation Army said that the Tatmadaw’s Light Infantry Divisions 11, 66, 88 and 99 had established up to 12 new military camps in five northern Shan State townships.

The ceasefire statement put out by the Burma Army declared that the government forces would halt military operations in the areas under five of its commands until April 30. It also warned EAOs not to attack government troops and not to expand their military forces.

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