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Urgent assistances needed for IDPs in Naungtayar, Panglaung township

It is reported that internally displace people (IDPs) in Naungtayar sub-township, Panglang township, Southern Shan State, are in need of food, clothes, and blankets. On...

Parents Worry about Covid-19 as Schools Resume in Panglaung

As government schools reopen, parents are worried about the Covid-19 infection even though no active cases are reported in the city of Panglaung (Pinlaung)...

Schools to resume amid Covid-19 concerns in Paunglaung township

Concerns mounted as non-CDM (Civil Disobedience Movement) officers are preparing the reopening of government schools in Panglaung (Pinlaung) township, Southern Shan State. On November 30,...

The struggle of potato farmers amid Covid-19 and political unrest

Due to Covid-19 outbreak and political turmoil, it has affected potato market demand, and farmers have faced the difficulties to continue growing the crop...

Panglaung Covid-19 lockdown lifted, markets still shutdown

The semi lockdown, aiming to contain the spread of Covid-19, has been lifted in Panglaung (Pinlaung) township, Southern Shan State; however, the local markets...

14 people tested positive of COVID-19 on Panglaung market day

On October 18, 2021, 14 people were tested positive of COVID-19 at Myoma market in Panglaung township, Southern Shan State. All of them are...

A crowd is seen in Panglaung market amid COVID-19 outbreak

On October 18, 2021, Panglaung market has been reportedly full of people because of the trading day amid COVID-19 concerns. “It is too crowded in...

Tigyit Coal-Fired Power Plant ‘Not in Line With Law’

Allowing the Tigyit coal-fired power plant in southern Shan State’s Panglaung Township to continue operation would be illegal under the current circumstances, according to...