Thursday, July 25, 2024

Military Council Attacks TNLA in Mongmit

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Three Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) soldiers were injured during an airstrike on its camp in Mongmit Township, northern Shan State. The armed group reported that the regime fired three artillery shells before sending an aircraft to drop a 500 lb bomb on June 9.

“I think that fighting will resume in northern Shan state as the Military Council can’t accept losing its trade road,” a local man from the town sharing the same name as the township, who asked to remain anonymous, told SHAN. “We are hearing the sound of gunfire again in northern Shan State,” and locals need to be very vigilant when travelling.

According to TNLA sources, the junta shelled its camps 10 times between June 1-9.

The Three Brotherhoods Alliance, which includes TNLA, seized many towns and regime bases and camps after launching its 1027 Operation on October 27. They also gained control of sections of the vital Union Highway, which facilitates most of the country’s trade with China.

In early January, the alliance signed a ceasefire with the junta brokered by China. Since then, the Military Council has violated this agreement by launching artillery attacks and airstrikes on TNLA’s positions in Mongmit Township and in Mogoke Township in Mandalay Region.

In January, the Kachin Independence Army and People’s Defense Force jointly attacked Burma army camps in Mongmit town, causing over 10,000 civilians to flee. They still have not returned to their town.

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