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Junta Uses Tanks in Hsihseng

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The Junta deployed tanks as part of its offensive operation to recapture Hsihseng Township from several resistance groups in southern Shan State.

A Pa-O National Liberation Army (PNLA) information officer explained that the regime launched over 50 artillery and drone attacks on them in Hsihseng town during the 75th anniversary of Pa-O National Day on March 24. “There are clashes every day in Hsihseng town. Now the Junta force is using its battle tanks to attack us.”

Resistance forces captured the town in the Pa-O Self-administered Zone from the State Administration Council (SAC) after the PNLA ended a ceasefire in January.

PNLA has instructed civilians who were displaced by the fighting not to return to collect food and other things from their homes during the conflict.

While fighting broke out in several other townships, U Aung Aung, the prime minister of Shan State, and Pa-O People’s Militia Force leader, formerly called the Pa-O National Organisation, and U Aung Kham Hti and Khun Okker, patron of Pa-O National Liberation Organisation, attended the Pa-O National Day in Taunggyi, the state capital.

Khun Okker called on the armed organisations to end the fighting from March 23 to April 23 in Hsihseng, Hopong, and Pinlaung Townships to observe the anniversary period.

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