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Airstrikes Leave Villagers in Momauk Township Without Food and Medicine

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Over one-thousand people from ten villages displaced from regime airstrikes during fighting between Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and Burma army in Kachin State urgently need humanitarian assistance.

“The Military Council launched airstrikes on villages. Some people were injured by the airstrike but there’s no medicine for them,” said woman who was affected by the attacks in Momauk Township. She said after villagers gathered after escaping the first airstrike, a jet fighter bombed them again.

“We don’t feel that there is a safe place for us,” she mentioned.

The woman said some people are hiding in the jungle without any food. Several of the villages forced to flee include Myothit, Konlaw, Loije, Sinlum and Pan Kawng Mu.

The KIA and People’s Defence Force have captured over 10 camps from the Burma army in in Bhamo District, between Momauk town and Loije, which next to the border of China. Some of these include Yaw Yung, Mada and Sinlum strategic hilltop camp.

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