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Fighting Flares Up Between SSPP/SSA and MNDAA in Hsenwi Township

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On Tuesday, both the Shan State Progress Party/Shan State Army (SSPP/SSA) and the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) apprehended members from each side as fighting erupted in Hsenwi Township, northern Shan State.

The MNDAA, also known as the Kokang army, used drones and missiles to bomb the SSPP/SSA.

Fighting also occurred in the Nam Salap area in the evening, according to a local anonymous source. The Kokang army attacked SSPP/SSA with missiles at a mountain position near Koong Nyaung from Pang Nar and used drones to bomb Nam Tone Jung and Pong Kaw. A gunfight occurred in a rubber plantation near Ho Nawng.

“Both armies know the area very well, that’s why the clashes will continue in our area,” the man said. He said locals are terrified and hiding in their homes, but they don’t want to flee.

SHAN was unable to reach spokespersons from either armed group.

SSPP/SSA’s Facebook page said they were defending themselves after MNDAA attacked their camp in the township. The Shan group said it will seek dialogue but if this fails, they’ll strike back.

MNDAA leaders Photo The Kokang
MNDAA leaders. Photo: The Kokang.

A reserve SSPP/SSA soldier was kidnapped from his home in Pan Wut at around 10 pm after MNDAA soldiers broke down his door, another anonymous source told SHAN.

“Nobody knows where MNDAA soldiers keep Loong Sang Kham,” he said. The soldiers stole money and a car from his home.

On Thursday afternoon, after the drone attack, SSPP/SSA apprehended two Kokang soldiers and their rifles on the road in Zay-oo same source said. The MNDAA attacked the Shan armed group after capturing Light Infantry Battalions 567 and 568 from the Burma army.

“There are some territorial disputes among FPNCC (Federal Political Negotiation and Consultative Council) members. Probably, it’s concerned with geopolitics,” a political analyst told SHAN on condition of anonymity. He said they need to solve it through negotiations.

According to the Haigeng agreement between the Three Brotherhoods Alliance and the military council, the Three Brotherhoods Alliance, which is also part of the FPNCC, has temporarily halted its 1027 Operation in northern Shan State.

Some members of the FPNCC, under the leadership of the United Wa State Army (UWSA), are grappling with unresolved territorial disputes, resulting in instances of armed conflict.

“Despite these disputes, if UWSA and China order them to stop fighting, they have to,” the analyst said.

In mid-March, TNLA troops clashed with the KIA at a military checkpoint between Mantong and Namkham townships. Both groups are part of FPNCC.

Last February, during a meeting, MNDAA told civilians in Pangsai (Kyukok) in Muse Township that soldiers from SSPP and KIA would not be permitted to visit the town in uniform and armed.

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