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Thousands Affected by Fighting in Northern Shan State

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Over 1,000 people fled after Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) and Mandalay People’s Defense Force (PDF) attacked the State Administration Council (SAC) in Nawngkio Township in northern Shan State.

The resistance groups have been ambushing a vehicle convoy attempting to deliver reinforcements and supplies to Nawngkio town from Pyin Oo Lwin since November 1 after the regime lost many bases during the 1027 Operation. SAC called in several airstrikes against the groups between Aum Khar and Shwe Nyaung Pin towns, where the convoy was targeted.

“Jet fighters dropped bombs on civilian villages and many houses were destroyed,” a man from Aum Thee said. He said that fighting was also reported between Yay Maung Tang and Sum Sei.

Most of the residents from Aum Thee, Aum Khar, Shwe Nyaung Pin, Sum Sei, and Ho Kho have fled to Pyin Oo Lwin. Others who have been unable to travel so far are staying in Thong Sei, Kon Tha, and Kyu Inn.

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IDPs in Lashio, northern Shan State.

According to man who fled to the Aung Chan Tha Buddhist monastery in Pyin Oo Lwin, those who fled to the three villages can’t reach the town of Nawngkio because the bridge near Yay Win has been destroyed.

A volunteer at the monastery worried they will run out of food soon if the fighting continues.

“They are sharing food rations among themselves. New people arrived today. There are two women who recently gave birth. For one of them, it was 14 days ago. We are taking care of them.”

On October 29, TNLA and the PDF attacked a SAC camp in Kyauk Kyan close to Nawngkio town, causing many casualties. Over 400 people fled to monasteries in Thapyay Toe, Myae Sar Kon, and Thaphan after SAC retaliated with airstrikes.

According to TNLA, a SAC jet fighter dropped a 500 lb bomb on Ho Kho at midnight on November 2, destroying at least three homes. There was no fighting reported in the area at the time of the attack.

Fighting between the Ta’ang armed group and the regime also continues in Namkham Township of Muse District, where a SAC jet fighter has been bombing.

According to a local source, TNLA fought junta troops in Aung Myat Tha Ward of Namkham town on November 3.

“Burma army soldiers stayed in Myo Leh Buddhist monastery last night. The next morning, after traveling outside of the town, TNLA attacked them in Aung Myat Tha Ward,” the man said at the time, explaining they were still shooting, and a jet fighter was circling overhead.

Another source said a jet fighter attacked around the Shweli suspension bridge, which connects Namkham and Man Weng Gyi the same morning. TNLA has reported seizing a camp in the area and recovering weapons and other military equipment.

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