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Three Brotherhoods Alliance Continue Seizing SAC Camps in Namkham Township

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The Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) seized a State Administration Council (SAC) checkpoint near Wan Kham that had been abandoned by the SAC troops in the village at the entrance of Namkham town during the Three Brotherhoods Alliance’s fifth day of Operation 1027 on Tuesday.

A source informed SHAN that the TNLA attacked the checkpoint located between Wan Kham and Zay Hai the night before, and by the next morning, the junta soldiers had deserted their post.

On the same day, Ta’ang group’s Brigade 1 also seized the Kan Taw mountain camp in Namkham Township, as well as the 105-mile camp in Muse Township, which was previously occupied by SAC troops and People’s Militia Force 4561. Additionally, the same TNLA brigade seized the Hel Yai camp in Namkham Township and the Mong Par camp between Lashio and Hsenwi townships.

Reports indicated that SAC shelling killed a 30-year-old man in a displaced camp in the town of Hsenwi on Tuesday and injured two women also living there, as several shells landed on the grounds of Kyaung Kham Buddhist monastery. Of the two shells fired, one failed to detonate and remains on the compound.

“We still hear the sound of heavy weapons firing. Phone service is sporadic here,” said a male source. The man was apprehensive about taking photos of the victims, fearing possible arrest.

According to the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army, they seized control of the General Administration Department office at 11 am on Tuesday.

Damaged house in Hsenwi township, Shan State
Damaged house in Hsenwi township, Shan State.

Following the destruction of a bridge on the Union highway by the resistance forces, SAC is unable to send reinforcements and rations from Lashio. However, this has also impacted the beleaguered civilians displaced by the conflict, as they are unable to receive aid.

“People from Lashio cannot come to Hsenwi. Locals have provided us with food rations, but it’s not enough for everyone. There are many civilians displaced here,” the source mentioned.

More than 6,000 people have sought shelter in the town. With all routes to the township cut off, a humanitarian crisis is unfolding. These people urgently require emergency aid, including basic food items and drinking water. Some of the hiding places are close to SAC camps, and no one dares to leave their compounds or collect the dead for cremation.

On the weekend, U Sam Htun from Kyaung Kham in Wan Mai village-tract and U Sai Phu from Kon Haw village-tract were killed by SAC shelling.

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