Military Raids People’s Defence Force Camps In Northern Shan State


The Burma Army (BA) has arrested two members of the People’s Defence Force (PDF) after raiding two camps in Hsenwi (aka Theinni) Township in northern Shan State.

Hsenwi PDF camp
Hsenwi PDF camp

According to the Hsenwi PDF spokesperson, there were no casualties when 70 BA soldiers attacked the first camp where the two sentries at the entrance were arrested on Wednesday evening, 1 December. The next morning, the junta’s forces stormed the second camp, where the civilian resistance group trains its members, forcing them to withdraw after a firefight.

“During the battle, our troops killed 3 BA soldiers and seven PDF members were wounded. We were finally forced to retreat after the BA used excessive force and we could no longer defend our training ground,” he told SHAN.

According to the spokesperson, there were 31 clashes between the PDF and the military in Hsenwi Township between 1 July and 2 December. During this period, the group killed 37 BA soldiers, while one civilian fighter was killed and 29 members were injured by gunfire.

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