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Burma Army Undermines Peace Agreement, RCSS Says

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The Burma Army is threatening the peace agreement by launching attacks in northern Shan State, the Restoration Council of Shan State (RCSS) said.

Burma military
Burma military

According to a statement by the ethnic armed organization, the Tatmadaw broke the terms of the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) when it attacked RCSS’s camps in Hsipaw Township.

RCSS was one of the first NCA signatories to condemn the Tatmadaw’s coup. On February 1, the same day the military took power, it issued a statement opposing the coup, which it said would negatively impact the peace process.

Maj Kham San, RCSS spokesperson, said four battalions from the Burma Army attacked the camps on Tuesday and Wednesday.

“The offensive by the Burma Army will cause more troubles for the people” who are protesting across the country against the military takeover, the RCSS statement said.

According to Maj Kham San, fighting broke out near Khine Sin village, located in Mongton village-tract, on February 9. And the next day in Pang Hkar village, located in Oum Mu village-tract. 

In a statement issued during the 74th Shan State National Day, in Loi Tai Leng, the RCSS said that by launching the coup the Tatmadaw has damaged trust between the two sides and hindered construction of a federal union in Burma. RCSS also announced an unilateral ceasefire with the Ta’ang National Liberation Army from February 7 to 21, as part of an effort to arrange formal peace talks with the Ta’ang armed organization in northern Shan State.

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