Sunday, November 27, 2022
The Mandalay People's Defence Force (PDF) blames the regime for the escalation of fighting in Nawngkio Township after it dispatched many Burma Army (BA) soldiers to attack the armed...


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Panglong Agreement Key To Resolving Burma’s Political Quagmire

The Restoration Council of Shan State (RCSS) spokesperson claims that the country's current problems stem from the failure of the Panglong Agreement, signed by...

RCSS Calls Armed Groups For ‘Peace-talks’

The Restoration Council of Shan State (RCSS) has offered to meet other ethnic armed groups in Burma for peace talks to build mutual trust...

Villagers In Southern Shan State Pressured To Vote For USDP

The Pa-O National Army (PNA) has begun collecting names for a voters' list and pressuring residents of southern Shan State to vote for the...

Junta Chief Invites Armed Groups To Naypyidaw Meeting

Burma's military regime has invited several leaders of ethnic armed groups to a second round of so-called peace talks in Naypyidaw, which have been...

Pa-O Armed Group Calls Shan Media Terrorists

In a propaganda campaign that was conducted in Hopong town and the surrounding area, the Pa-O People's Militia Force (PMF) referred to SHAN and...

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Deforestation Causes Flooding In Eastern Shan State

Rampant deforestation has damaged the environment and led to flooding in eastern Shan State. According to locals, the floods, caused by heavy rains, have destroyed farms, roads and bridges...

Unfulfilled Prayers of Mongnai Farmers’ Lives

It is about dawn when everyone is bringing their offerings and heading to the shrine, where the natives are regarded as a source of...

Forced Labor Used to Build New Camp Near Coal Mining Site in Nam Sang

Over a hundred of people have been forced to build a security camp near the coal mining project in Nam Sang township, Southern Shan...

Coal Mining Projects Caused Insufficient of Natural Water In Mong Nai

It is reported that natural streams have dried up this year, and locals are having difficulties with the insufficient of drinking water in Mong...


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