Tuesday, November 28, 2023
The expected speedy downfall of the General Min Aung Hlaing-led military junta or State Administration Council (SAC) may not be around the corner, but the tendency is definitely moving...


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Clashes Continue Between SAC and TNLA in Namkham and Hsipaw

Two people are dead, including a government servant, and seven people wounded after soldiers from Ta'ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) and the ruling State...

SAC Airstrike Kills Family in Namhsan Township

Three people, including two children, lost their lives when a State Administration Council (SAC) jet fighter dropped a 500 lb bomb on a village...

Northern Shan State Fighting Causes Humanitarian Crisis

Recent offensives in northern Shan State during the 1027 Operation have left over 50,000 people running out of food and other crucial supplies, as...

Over 3000 War-Displaced Refugees from Laukkai Reach Mong Yang, Eastern Shan State

Over 3000 individuals, displaced by ongoing conflicts in Laukkai and Chinshwehaw in northern Shan State, have now arrived in Mong Yang in the eastern...

Golden Triangle Commander Seeks Donations from Businessmen to Support Troops

Reports indicate that the Tactical Operation Commander is seeking donations from businessmen in Tachilek Township along the Myanmar-Thailand border to aid the Military Council...

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Youth Protest Against Coal Mine in Hsipaw

Youths bravely stood up against a coal mining company that they say has been providing kickbacks to the ruling State Administration Council (SAC) in order to mine in Hsipaw...

SAC’s soldiers providing security for militia mining firm in northern Shan State

SAC soldiers from Northeastern Command (Lashio) providing security for militia mining firm at Hoya tract. It situates between Tangyarn and Mongyai townships, northern Shan...

Deforestation Causes Flooding In Eastern Shan State

Rampant deforestation has damaged the environment and led to flooding in eastern Shan State. According to locals, the floods, caused by heavy rains, have...

Unfulfilled Prayers of Mongnai Farmers’ Lives

It is about dawn when everyone is bringing their offerings and heading to the shrine, where the natives are regarded as a source of...


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