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TNLA Damages Shan Historic Site in Muse Township

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Local people have reported that the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA), the armed wing of the Palaung State Liberation Front, issued a warning regarding the mining of the road to Loi Tay Mueng Hill in Jea Lant, located in Muse Township in northern Shan state.


An anonymous resident of Jea Lant mentioned that following clashes with the Burma army, TNLA troops remained in the village. The soldiers filled the moat of the late Shan King Sao Hsur Khan Fa with dirt and placed mines in the vicinity.

Sao Sur Khan Fa shrine destroyed by TNLA
Sao Sur Khan Fa shrine destroyed by TNLA.

“They ordered villagers to report to them before going to Loi Tay Mueng Hill,” mentioned another local man who also chose not to disclose his real name for security reasons, in a conversation with SHAN.

Local people have stated that they used the mined road to access their farms in the village tract that shares the same name as the village.

A local anonymous woman expressed concerns about the potential detonation of the concealed explosives. “Nobody dares to go on the road where the hidden landmines have been planted. We are afraid to visit our paddy fields to check for water or to cut bamboos and wood in the jungle. Additionally, we will be unable to visit the pagoda and monastery on the hill during the Buddhist lent months.”

Historical place destroyed by TNLA
Historical place destroyed by TNLA.

In accordance with the Geneva Convention, armed organizations are prohibited from using or destroying religious sites, schools, hospitals, and civilian villages for military purposes.

Tensions between TNLA and Burma army has increased in the area, causing locals to fear clashes will continue to intensify.

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