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MNDAA Captures Kunlong, SAC Kills 10 During Airstrike Near Laukkai

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On Sunday, Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) seized Kunlong, located in Lashio District in northern Shan State. According to Kokang media, the armed group captured many weapons, including a tank, from State Administration Council (SAC) during the clash.

MNDAA and other members of Northern Brotherhoods Alliance, along with various People’s Defence Forces and other resistance forces, have captured over 100 junta bases and several towns since launching the 1027 Operation on October 27.

MNDAA captured several SAC outposts on the outskirts of Laukkai near the village of Shiyun Kyi on Saturday morning. The regime retaliated with an airstrike, and a shell struck a group of civilians fleeing the fighting in Laukkai, killing 10 and injuring many others.

A displaced man hiding in Laukkai explained that the group was stuck at Sel Tan Gate near Per Sin Kyaw when the attack happened, causing everyone to run in different directions in a panic, with many fleeing to the village. “I heard that there were many casualties because a shell landed in the middle of a crowd.”

There are thousands trapped between Sel Tan Gate and Per Sin Kyaw, including many elderly individuals, mothers with newborns, and children.

“The weather is cold here, and these people are in danger as there’s no medicine, and it’s difficult to get food,” a man also trapped on the road while trying to seek refuge from the violence informed SHAN.

The MNDAA is providing medical care to those injured by the attack.

On Friday, the MNDAA also seized a strategic hilltop camp of the Burma army on the western banks of the Salween River.

The same day, the group managed to drive over 3,000 civilians trapped on the road to safety. As fighting continues near the road to Chin Shwe Haw, the MNDAA has urged civilians to avoid travel and exercise extreme caution if necessary.

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