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Assailants Kill and Rob Muse Woman

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On Sunday, three unidentified assailants on motorcycles robbed and killed a female money changer in the street in broad daylight in Muse, where killings and looting are increasing in the town in northern Shan State, located along the Chinese border.


The 45-year-old, who exchanged Chinese yuan and Myanmar kyat, was working in a small lane of the Myoma market when she was shot at around 8 am.

“She later died from the gunshot injury and bleeding,” a local man told SHAN while requesting to remain anonymous.

Another anonymous source, who confirmed the attack, said, “I am afraid to leave my home. Many people do not have jobs and are facing difficulties and hardship,” the woman said, explaining that even wealthy individuals are being killed for their money.

While she couldn’t specify how much money the robbers escaped with, the woman mentioned that the police have not yet apprehended anyone for the crime.

Following the coup, several Muse businessmen were killed, prompting some to relocate to Mandalay or Yangon.

In addition to the Burma Army, numerous armed groups are present in and around the town, including People’s Militia Forces and ethnic armed groups such as the Ta’ang National Liberation Army, Shan State Progress Party/Shan State Army and Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army.

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