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Tachileik Deputy Chief of Election Commission Vice Arrested in Robbery Gang Bust

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Seven members of a robbery gang, including Aye Ko Ko Oo, the deputy head of the township election commission office, were arrested in Tachileik Township on the Thailand-Myanmar border.

These arrests followed a joint raid by UNTA troops and police at around 11:00 PM on February 29th at Aye Ko Ko Oo’s residence in the district commissioner’s office housing compound in Mae Sai ward, Tachileik Township.

Aye Ko Ko Oo (32) and his accomplices—Sai Maung Tun, also known as Ai Pee (20); Sai Hla Maung (27); Sai Kham Twee (18); Ye Thiha Lwin (38); Kayi San Hone (20); and Sai Saing Mai (25)—were all arrested in the raid.

During the arrest of the robbery gang, authorities confiscated four pistols, an M4 carbine, a .22 rifle, various ammunition, a communication device, a sword, a baton, and handcuffs.

“In Tachileik, robberies and lootings are occurring in various forms, including those involving swords as well as gunpoint robberies. Some of these crimes are going unnoticed”, a Tachileik local told SHAN.

The arrested bandits are individuals who have been involved in multiple robberies in Tachileik, often pretending to be Military Council and police personnel. During one of these robberies, a member of the gang was injured when the owner resisted with a gun.

According to a resident, Tachileik a border town, which attracts a diverse range of people, is becoming increasingly unsafe due to rising incidents of robberies, thefts, and other crimes.

“In the downtown areas, robberies are still relatively low. However, in the outskirts, these crimes are now heard almost daily. Security is very poor, and people are worried about the possibility of being robbed”, he said.

The Junta authorities claim to be intensifying their crackdown on telecommunications scams (Zhapian) and online casino businesses based in Tachileik.

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