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Fighting Persists in Northern Shan State Between Three Brotherhood Alliance and SAC

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Fighting continues between Three Brotherhood Alliance and State Administration Council (SAC) in northern Shan State despite a recent ceasefire brokered by China.

The Burmese edition of Voice of America has reported that the Three Brotherhood Alliance engaged in peace talks with representatives of the State Administration Council (SAC) from January 10-11 in Kunming, China. The extent of the ceasefire, particularly in Arakan State, remains uncertain, as the Arakan Army, a member of the alliance, continues intense clashes with SAC forces in the region.

Contrary to expectations, the ceasefire does not seem to be leading to a reduction in violence in Shan State.On Friday, January 12, troops from the Three Brotherhood Alliance fought SAC soldiers in Kin Chaung in Mongmit Township, and the regime attacked with a jet fighter, as reported by a local source. There was also fighting between Ohn Chaw and Ywa Thit on Thursday. Indiscriminate SAC shelling damaged at least four homes and a Buddhist monastery in the village.

According to the Ta’ang National Liberation Army, which is also part of the three member alliance, a SAC jet fighter attacked Pan Hkaw, Pan Hpert, Kawn Phyu, Pan Ner, Pan Hom, and Kon Hser in Lashio Township on Thursday.

“Now our village has become a target of the Burma army. They frequently fire shells into our village. We are afraid and worried about our safety. A jet fighter also attacks our village, and we have to hide in a bunker,” a Kon Hser resident told SHAN.

Airstrikes have damaged a pagoda and a Buddhist hall in the village and at least three houses in Ho Ner. The Ta’ang armed group also said SAC troops in Kyaukme fired five rounds of artillery at Mong Ngaw town on January 11.

On the same day, regime forces in Lashio town launched 34 artillery strikes on Kon Hser, Pang Tar, and Pan Hpert villages in Lashio Township and fired three artillery shells at Nam Yun village in Hsipaw Township.

“I do not understand that much about politics. However, the armed groups should inform us before a clash starts to allow us time to flee to safety in advance,” a man displaced from the conflict told SHAN on condition of anonymity. He said that soldiers from the Burma army have told civilians to hide in the school or monastery, but later, a jet fighter dropped bombs on the school or monastery, and there were civilian casualties.

“That’s why we fear living in this area.”

Nearly 200 civilian people have been killed, and more than 260 civilian people injured since October 27 when the Three Brotherhood Alliance started its 1027 Operation in northern Shan State.

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