Sunday, May 19, 2024

Over 3000 War-Displaced Refugees from Laukkai Reach Mong Yang, Eastern Shan State

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Over 3000 individuals, displaced by ongoing conflicts in Laukkai and Chinshwehaw in northern Shan State, have now arrived in Mong Yang in the eastern part of Shan State.

These thousands of war-displaced individuals reached Mong Yang by lorries on November 15th, aid workers told SHAN. “Yesterday over 3,000 people arrived here, and today we’ve been informed that around 500 more are expected. They all came in lorries”, a volunteer woman helping these displaced people said.

There are plans to transport the displaced individuals who arrived in Mong Yang to Taunggyi through Kyaingtong (Keng Tung).

Intense fighting persists between the Three Brotherhood Alliance and the Military Council in the vicinity of Laukkai . Locals trapped in the conflict are experiencing a shortage of essential food items, including rice and noodles.

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