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Regime’s Landmines Impede Civilians’ Return to Mongpai

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The Burma army’s troops have remained stationed in civilian wards in Mongpai (aka Mobye) up to the present day and have placed numerous landmines in the area. Consequently, displaced people have been unable to return to their homes in the town in Paikhun (aka Pekon) Township for several months.

“They are still present in the town and have placed numerous landmines to prevent local people from returning home and to deter resistance groups from entering the town. Burma army soldiers also planted many landmines in civilian villages in western Paikhun Township before leaving them,” a local man, who is close to the resistance groups, told SHAN.

Intensified battles broke out in the second week of June, but things have quieted down since. Despite this, the Military Council frequently fires indiscriminate artillery shells and launches airstrikes in Mongpai to instill fear in the local population.

According to an anonymous source, who is a member of a committee assisting the civilians who have been affected by the conflict, the Burma army dropped 500 lbs bombs around the Saung Phwe Public Hospital in the township on 7-8 September. “Cornfields were damaged, and an elderly female sustained serious injuries during these airstrikes,” the man said.

The Burma army is facing off against several armed resistance groups in the township in southern Shan State along the border with Karenni State. Fighting can flare up again at any time if the regime launches another offensive, according to resistance forces.

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