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Military Council Suffers Many Causalities During Operation Kanaung

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The Mandalay People’s Defense Force (PDF) and Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) continue to clash with Military Council troops in Mandalay Division and Nawngkio Township, which is in northern Shan State.

According to the PDF, the Burma army has suffered significant casualties during the armed group’s Operation Kanaung.

A recent report from the PDF states that almost 80 enemy soldiers, including a deputy commander and several captains, have been killed, with many wounded since the operation began nearly two months ago. The resistance groups have also captured numerous weapons, ammunition, and other military equipment during clashes. Two PDF fighters have been killed.

On 15 July, when the operation started, the Military Council’s Air Defense Battalion 1014 was shelled and attacked by landmines by the resistance forces, resulting in the deaths of 19 Burma army soldiers, including a captain, while one PDF member died.

SHAN couldn’t confirm the casualties on either side.

Currently, fighting is happening along the Myin Oo Lwin – Mogok vehicle road and in Nawngkio Township.

The TNLA is also fighting the Burma army in Jae Lant village in Muse District in northern Shan State.

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