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TNLA Faces Off With Military Council in Jae Lant

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Hostilities continue around Jae Lant as the Ta’ang National Liberation Army is facing off against troops from the Military Council in the village in Muse Township, located in northern Shan State.

“I think the distance between them is about 400 meters. It’s too close! Shooting can occur at any time,” said Aik Lam (not his real name). Residents who haven’t fled are anxiously anticipating what will happen next.

Aik Lam told SHAN that the Ta’ang soldiers are deployed in Saw Mon Hla school, while junta fighters have taken up position in the village’s high school.

After a recent clash, there were three unexploded 60 mm shells: a shell in Myauk Monastery and two shells in the market. “We didn’t see them last night; I do not know which of the armed organizations have removed them from our village,” he said.

Intense fighting between the groups from 28 to 31 August caused civilian casualties and damage to homes, which residents say they will need financial assistance to rebuild after the face-off finally ends. At least 600 people have already fled Jae Lant to seek safety. Some residents who stayed behind to look after their properties and farms remain trapped in the village.

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