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RCSS Leader Doesn’t Attend Independence Day In Naypyidaw

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The leader of the Restoration Council of Shan State, who met with regime leaders last year for so-called peace talks, will not attend the Independence Day celebrations today, 4 January, to receive the Wunna Kyaw Htin Award given to him by the junta.


An RCSS source, who spoke to SHAN on condition of anonymity, said Gen Yawd Serk would send a representative to Naypyidaw in his place, without explaining why. Regarding this, SHAN called the RCSS’s spokesperson, but he declined to comment on why his leader will not attend himself.

Regime leader Min Aung Hlaing announced the award on 17 April 2022 to Yawd Serk, Gen Saw Mutu Say Poe of the Karen National Union (KNU), Khine Soe Naing Aung of the Arakan Liberation Party, Nai Htaw Mon, chair of the New Mon State Party (NMSP), the late Nai Shwe Kyin, former chair of the NMSP, Col Khun Okker, patron of the Pa-O National Liberation Army, the late Maj-Gen Saw Htay Maung, also known as Saw Htay Maung, former chair of the Karen National Union/Karen National Liberation Army, Lasan Awung Wa of the Gway Htu People Militia Force, Padoh Aung San, former KNU leader, Saw Ferry Moe, former leader of the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) Brigade 2 and Saw Thamu Hae, former commander of KNLA Battalion 16.

Gen Yawd Serk
Gen. Yawd Serk.

This award was also offered to Sakhong Ting Ying, former chair of the New Democratic Army – Kachin, Aung Kham Hti, former chair of the Pa-O National Organisation, Aik Mong, former chair of the Palaung State Liberation Army, Gabriel Pyan of Chair of Kayan National Guard, Sanda of Karenni Nationalities People’s Liberation Front, Thuzana of Buddhist abbot of Myine Gyi Ngu, Saw Han Tar Tha Mwe of former leader of Karen Revolutionary Council, Kya Khun Hser of Lahu Democratic Union. Many of these ethnic leaders have already died.

With the exception of the RCSS and NMSP, five ethnic armed groups met with the regime’s National Security and Peace Negotiation Committee in Burma’s capital at the end of last year.

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