RCSS Fights Northern Alliance In Southern Shan State


The Restoration Council of Shan State (RCSS) has clashed with the Shan State Progress Party (SSPP) and the Ta’ang National Liberation Army near Kyauk Gu in southern Shan State.

IDPs at NyaeSen Monestary Lauk Sauk
IDPs at NyaeSen Monestary Lauk Sauk

A Kyauk Gu villager, who requested anonymity, told SHAN that the fighting took place near the pagoda and cemetery on Thursday morning before spreading to the village in Lawksawk Township. ”Everyone fled and hid in the surrounding jungle.” The source said both heavy and small arms were used in the clashes.

On Tuesday, 8 February, the groups also fought near the village, with bullets hitting a Buddhist monastery under construction and shells damaging a fruit shop near the police station. SSPP spokesperson Major Phone Han also confirmed that there was fighting with the RCSS on the road from Nawng Lon to Nawng Woe on the same day.

A man who wished to remain anonymous heard that clashes occurred near Kyauk Gu and Inndaw in the morning and lasted at least 30 minutes.

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