Phaikhun woman severely injured from land mine during corn harvest


On 2nd December 2021, one female local stepped on a land mine around 9 A.M while on her way to a maize farm in Phaikhun (Pekon) township, Southern Shan State. She was severely injured, and taken to the township hospital.

Pekon Paikhun
Pekon Phaikhun

“It happened in the morning at a corn farm. A land mine was exploded, and it is reported that she has lost one of her legs. Full report is yet to be confirmed. She is now taken to Loikaw hospital,” a man who lives in Phaikhun township told SHAN.

Due to the fact that no conflicts have been reported between Myanmar army and People Defense Force (PDF) recently, locals rush to harvest their crops.

The man added, “The fight has been ceased lately, civilians take that opportunity and hurry to harvest their corns. Some hire additional people so that they can wrap up in one day. Those unemployed also take their chances of earning some income.”

The place where the land mine exploded was near the Myanmar army base, and the security has been tightened around the area after the blast.

“It is not far from the Myanmar army base. It could be their land mine. After it went off, many soldiers are on the road taking security measures until now,” one Phaikhun local explained the situation to SHAN.

The woman who injured from the land mine is being treated at the Loikaw hospital.

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