Protesters Killed During Global Myanmar Spring Revolution Day Rallies


Armed forces killed six people in Burma, including two in Shan State, while people gathered across the country for Global Myanmar Spring Revolution Day to oppose three months of military rule.

Nwangkio protester died by gunshot
Nwangkio protester died by gunshot

An eye witness in the town of Hsipaw told SHAN armed forces fired into a crowd rallying against the military council. A youth died after being shot in the head and a woman was injured from a bullet to her leg. Another person suffered a minor injury. Hsipaw residents were warned if they ventured outside of their homes after 1pm they would be shot.

“Many people were arrested. Police released everyone in the evening,” the source said.

In Nawngkio, armed forces killed a protester and wounded another person, said a man who joined the demonstration. Over twenty people were arrested and released by the following evening.

Thousands attended a rally in Kyaukme. Motorbikes belonging to two people suspected of being police informers were torched during the protest march.

Armed forces fired rubber bullets at a demonstration in Shan State capital city, Taunggyi, arresting some of the participants. A man told SHAN two rubber bullets hit a youth in the head, two struck his leg.

Hsipaw protester kill by Junta
Hsipaw protester kill by Junta

Protests broke out in nearly all of the townships in Shan State for Global Myanmar Spring Revolution Day. Rallies happened across the world.

According to the advocacy organization, Assistance Association of Political Prisoners, 766 people have been killed by security forces until May 4, while 3,614 have been detained,1,417 charged with a warrant and are evading arrest. There were 83 who have been sentenced. Additionally, the military council arrested journalists and revoked the licenses of six media outlets.

Demonstrators refuse to be silenced and are gathering to challenge the military regime every day all over the country.

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