Conflict in Northern Shan State Causes Untold Suffering For Civilians


Civilians affected by hostilities between Burma Army and multiple ethnic armed organizations in northern Shan State are hiding in bunkers after fighting intensified in the area. A source told SHAN that at least 25 artillery rounds were fired near Mang Bang village, Kutkai Township, from 3pm to 7pm on Monday, May 3.

Kutkai villager injure in Junta and Alliance troop fighting May 4 and 5
Kutkai villager injure in Junta and Alliance troop fighting May 4 and 5

Burma Army is clashing with the Northern Alliance: Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA), Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army and Kachin Independence Army.

Fighting also broke out on the Union Highway between Mang Bang and Nawng Swe villages, near Kutkai town. The source said two shells struck homes. Several cows and water buffaloes were killed during the fighting.

Others told SHAN a car traveling from Muse from Kutkai was hit with bullets. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

On May 2, forty-four homes in Namtu Township were destroyed during fighting between ethnic armed organizations (EAOs), according to a villager from Mang Li.

A woman whose home was destroyed by fire told SHAN it is unclear which of the EAOs were responsible for the destruction. “My house was just built. In the morning, it was there. But when I returned in the evening to collect my belongings, it was burned to the ground. Nothing is left, and they are still fighting each other.”

Four homes were destroyed in the morning. By the evening, forty more were gone—almost half of the 112 houses in Mang Li.

“A few homes were destroyed by fighting but most were intentionally set on fire. We fled the clashes, seeking refuge at an internally displaced persons camp in Hsipaw. Now, that I have no house, I do not know what I will do,” the woman told SHAN.

Restoration Council of Shan State is clashing with Shan State Progress Party and TNLA in Namtu Township.

During clashes between the EAOs last month, homes were destroyed in Pan Lon, Yay-O, and Mang Hser villages.

Religious leaders and other residents have appealed to EAOs to cease fighting in northern Shan State.

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