RCSS Fight Burma Army in Southern Shan State, Northern Alliance Attacks Military Further North


The Burma Army suffered many casualties during recent fighting with the Restoration Council of Shan State (RCSS) in Loilam District, according to a media outlet affiliated with the ethnic armed organization (EAO).


According to Tai Freedom, RCSS fought with Burma Army twice on April 23 in Namsang Township, located in the southern Shan State district. The violence happened near Loi Nguen village, Haiphet village-tract, at about 3pm and near Pa Sumg village, in Loila village-tract, at around 5pm.

RCSS/SSA spokesperson Maj Kham San confirmed the fighting in Namsang Township with SHAN but didn’t have additional information at the time of press.

According to residents, Burma Army arrested at least six villagers after fighting happened near Pa Sumg. The military blocked the road leading to the village. On April 24, Burma Army and local People’s Militia Force sent soldiers to the area,  according to a man from Namsang town.

Hostilities between RCSS and Burma Army broke out on April 22 in Mongnai Township, (Langkho District), Namsang Township (Loilam District) and Mong Nawng sub-township (Kehsi Township).

In northern Shan State, a coalition of EAOs attacked Burma Army in Kutkai Township on April 23.

Members of Northern Alliance, Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) and Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army, attacked Burma Army near Mang Bang village around 11am.

Lt-Col Mai Aik Kyaw, spokesperson for TNLA, confirmed that fighting happened near the northern Shan State village.

According to a driver, at least four shells struck a toll gate on the Oriental Highway just outside of Kutkai town around 1pm, damaging the building and several vehicles. There was a man shot in his abdomen in the toll gate office

The day earlier, at about 8pm, residents from Kutkai town heard the sounds of heavy grade weapons fired.

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