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Shan State Govt Needs to Work for All the People, SNLD says

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The general secretary for the Shan Nationalities League for Democracy (SNLD) said that the new Shan State government must work hard for the interests of all its people. It needs to be “honest, simple, work hard, be transparent and maintain accountability” Sai Lek said.

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Shan State Government Office

Sai Lek told SHAN it is crucial that the government represents all the ethnic nationalities. “We want the government to work for all the ethnic groups in Shan State.” If it doesn’t, he cautioned, no-one will trust it and the government won’t be able to build a federal union.

The National League for Democracy (NLD) won yet another landslide victory during Burma’s 2020 general election on November 8. It will resume its place in office once again next March.

Out of the 166 seats that were available in Shan State, the NLD won 54, while the Union Solidarity and Development Party got 42, SNLD secured 41, Ta’ang National Party won 12 seats, Pa-O National Organization got 11 seats, Wa National Party received 3 seats, Lahu National Democratic Party won 2 seats, and the Shan Nationalities Democracy Party and Kayan National Party each won a single seat. 

Independent candidates won 2 seats.

There were 49 seats available in the House of Representatives, 12 for House of Nationalities, 98 for Shan State Parliament and 7 for the ministers of ethnic affairs.

The Union Election Commission cancelled polling in Wa Self-administered Division, Special Region 4 (Mongla), Mong Kung and several village-tracts located in southern Shan State. 

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