RCSS/SSA to Attend Union Day Commemoration in Naypyidaw


EAOs are scheduled to meet the Burmese government the following day.

Photo by – RCSS/

A representative from the Restoration Council of Shan State/Shan State Army (RCSS/SSA) will attend the 72nd Union Day celebration in Naypyidaw on Tuesday.

The Burmese government invited representatives from ethnic armed organizations, political parties, ambassadors, the military and government departments to commemorate the event with a dinner.

Union Day is a public holiday in which the Panglong Agreement was signed in 1947, a document which planned for a future federal Union in the country.

“The government invited 10 NCA-signatory [Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement] EAOs [Ethnic Armed Organizations] to attend the commemoration of Union Day. It’s like other years,” RCSS/SSA Secretary (2) Col Sai Nguen told SHAN, adding that some non-signatory EAOs were also reportedly invited.

He said that an RCSS/SSA officer would be in attendance.

Representatives from EAOs are scheduled to meet with and government officials in Naypyidaw the following day.

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