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Thousands Flee SAC Airstrikes Near Lashio

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Jet fighters from the State Administration Council (SAC) have bombed areas outside of Lashio after the Three Brotherhoods – Arakan Army, Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army, and Ta’ang National Liberation Army – attacked a SAC camp near the town, reportedly causing substantial casualties on Friday.

A local man, whose village was hit during the regime airstrikes, said the jet fighters launched their first attacks between 4 am and 10 am, and a second one happened at 4 pm for 30 minutes.

“A bomb landed near my house, and shrapnel hit it. I don’t dare to go outside. Now there are three jet fighters flying over our area,” he said. The man’s home is near a jungle, and he suspects that the SAC might think the resistance groups are hiding there. He has sent his 60-year-old mother to hide in the bunker outside their home.

IDPs in Lashio.

Over 350 residents from Mak Keenu, Pan Sein, Kawng Phyo, Wan Moong, and Ho Nam have fled to Siri Manglar Man Hsu Shan monastery in Lashio or with relatives in the town. Approximately 250 are staying in a monastery in the village of Ho Puek.

A woman who fled to her relatives in Lashio said, “We hear the sound of jet fighters taking off from the Lashio airbase.” She heard that SAC has deployed reinforcements to the town, and some have already arrived.

Another woman staying at the Shan monastery didn’t think she would flee her village until rescue teams arrived to pick them up at around 10 am on Friday.

“We have a bunker near our house, and when I ran to it, a bomb landed. I was so lucky to escape the explosion!”

According to the woman, two jet fighters bombed Wan Moong, Kon Tha, Ho Nar, Pan Sone, and Kawng Phyu at 9 am.

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