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Teen Killed, Others Injured in Shelling by Military Regime in Northern Shan State

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Shrapnel from shelling fired by the Junta has killed a teenage girl, while two other children and another teen were injured during the attack on the village in Kutkai Township in northern Shan State.


Locals told SHAN that the Junta fired the shells after the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) fired at its Infantry Battalion 123 camp on Wednesday morning where fighting between the groups has resumed in the township since 28 August.

TNLA spokesperson Lt-Col Tar Aik Kyaw said, “They indiscriminately fired shells at Nam Phetka, and two males and two females were wounded when the shells hit people’s houses.”

Locals said the 16-year-old girl was killed in Ho Pon Quarter, as well as the 13-year-old boy who was injured, while a 13-year-old girl in Quarter 2 and a 19-year-old boy in Quarter 1 were injured.

In neighboring Muse Township, more than 600 people from various villages were forced to flee clashes in Jae Lant village-tract on 29 August.

“Seniors, women, and children fled the clash and have taken shelter in a safer area. Only a few men have remained to take care of their homes,” a man from Jae Lant village, who didn’t want to mention his real name for security reasons, told SHAN.

About 200 people sleeping in a Buddhist monastery in Mang Neing in Nong Nawng village tract need food rations and better shelter.

“The monastery and their relatives are helping with food for now, but I think they’ll need more food soon,” said a 30-year-old man also requesting anonymity.

Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) 420 and 417 under LID 99, supported by the Nam Kham Myoma People’s Militia Force (PMF) and other PMFs, launched the attacks on the TNLA troops who are based on top of Loi Tay Mueng Hill.

Villagers from Jae Lant, Kawng Ra, Mang Kang, Mong Serk, and Nam Kat have sought shelter in Ho Ner, Suan Hsaw, Ting Loung wards, and Pan Kham in Muse Township, and Tong Kwan in Nam Kham Township.

Col Tar Aik Kyaw said, “They fled from their home because they are afraid of artillery shelling. No clashes happened in the villages, but some were struck by shells.”

The TNLA reported a gunfire fight with Infantry Battalion 45, under North-east Military Command, and LIB 577 under MOC 17 near Hko Mong somewhere between Kutkai and Muse townships at 11 am on 29 August.

A regime jet fighter circled over the TNLA on Loi Tay Mueng Hill twice after attacking Suan Loung in the Nam Phetka area on 31 August, a local source requesting anonymity told SHAN.

Although it didn’t bomb the camp, the plane dropped two shells at 4 pm on 29 August.

A woman from Jae Lant, who declined to give her name, said they’re worried a jet fighter would attack their village. “We do not dare to go out from our home in these days. Both TNLA and Junta have sent more troops into this area,” she told SHAN.

Tensions between the groups in the village-tract has been rising since the end of July.

Since the military coup, many people have been uprooted by conflict with the Military Council and between some of the ethnic armed organizations in Shan State.

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